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Amari Law Office

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When you choose a lawyer, Richard Amari urges you to delve deeply into considerations that do not appear on the surface. Of course, knowledge, dependability, competency, accessibility, resourcefulness, skills, work and professional ethics, integrity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are all extremely important qualities that should be considered. Less apparent, but equally (or perhaps more) important, are characteristics of humility, friendliness, empathy, spirituality and availability. Some make the mistake of believing that a chest-pounding, loud, brash approach is needed in an adversarial situation. The most effective warrior is the one who accurately assesses his strengths, knows when and who to ask for help, is able to muster necessary resources and allows others to underestimate his abilities.


First Choice Reporting

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First Choice Florida Court Reporting deals in court reporting in pretty much any major city in Florida.  From even the small cases to large case management, First Choice does it all. They are actual realtime reporters as well, not computer programs. They use email confirmation for online scheduling, whether you are scheduling a meeting with partners or clients, or a deposition.


SMT Golf 450cc Encore Driver

Posted by admin on July 12, 2010 in SMT Golf

Bang Golf took the same award winning design principles of the extreme pure and efficient energy transfer that is generated through the impact, and easily used it in a driver of a larger size. The SMT Golf Encore weighs in at 450cc’s, and is the second largest in the line. The SMT Encore was constructed to simply bomb the golf ball!

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Good News for New Homebuyers: Rates Stay Low

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Freddie Mac has given figures which show that mortgage rates are hovering at record lows amidst an unstable U.S. bond market, with 30-year fixed mortgages averaging 4.79 percent for the week ending June 3, up 0.01 percentage points from the prior week but half a point lower than last year. This is close to the all-time low of 4.71 points reached last December, confirming that 30-year rates have remained mostly unaffected. Likewise, 15-year fixed-rate mortgages have shown new record lows reaching 4.20 percent, which is considerably lower than the 4.79 percent average of the previous year. Freddie Mac has been tracking 15-year rates since 1991 and 30-year rates since 1971.

Even though there appeared to be a large recovery in the housing market taking place, it was later credited to buyers securing the homebuyer tax credit before the April 30th deadline. Demand for home loans plummeted to a 13-year low following the “recovery.” Analysts including Freddie Mac chief economist Frank Nothaft believe that this is a temporary decline, acknowledged that growth for the first three months of the year fell short of expectations. Nonetheless the housing market has shown signs of being on the right path to recovery; it will be a slow one with inflation being relatively unruffled. It is the belief of Bob Lipply, who is a broker of Dunedin homes that the trend of low prices and financing choices on homes will continue, keeping the environment conducive for new buyers.

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Live in Tarpon Springs

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Live, visit or enjoy life in Tarpon Springs and you will find a tranquil and relaxing setting with warm balmy weather all year. This is one Tampa Bay’s most popular historic cities offering stately Victorian and waterfront homes. You will enjoy the many yearly festivals and event that will keep you and your family busy. Among them are the Tarpon Springs Art Festival and the Diving of the Cross at Epiphany, that annually brings in many people to watch.

One of the most visited areas of Tarpon Springs would be the Sponge Docks. It was discovered in the 1880’s that the waters had rich sponge beds which started a huge industry here. You can walk along the water and see the sponges and fishing boats, as well as enjoy great shopping, and authentic Greek cuisine. From restaurants to bakeries the food is aromatic and delicious! Quaint stores with everything from clothing, nautical jewelry and souvenirs line the streets, and can be fun to browse in.

Thinking about moving to sunny Florida? There are many homes for sale in Tarpon Springs that we could show you, so visit our website where you can find real estate listings from the MLS on the market now.


Ultra Banner One Banner Stand

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The Ultra Banner One Banner Stand is easily one of the easiest to use banner stands on the market. We all know that banner stands are the desired medium for advertising your products and services, but with this Ultra Banner One Banner Stand you will be set for the life of your business with only one purchase necessary!

These banner stands are held in place by a mechanical lock down top rail. It’s constructed so ingeniously by using six bolts in the top rail that will secure the banner in place. It’s so ingenious that you will never need any adhesives, so they will never come undone. The Ultra banner one banner stand also comes with a padded, zippered carrying bag that comes equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and an easy-tote strap handle.


USC Golf Bag

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Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart will swoon with envy when they see you sporting your brand new USC Golf bag. With this stylish Southern California golf bag you will not only have the best score on the golf course, but you will also look the best.


Golf Shaft

Posted by admin on August 6, 2009 in golfshaft

Are you looking for a specific golf shaft? Because we’ve got the Matrix Ozik HD 6. This shaft is pretty much the pinnacle of shaft design. For the price and the quality of the shaft you can’t go wrong. Or are you looking for a different golf shaft? Because we’ve also got the Fujikura Motore F1 55. This is one of Fujikura’s newest products out there, and the technology that goes into both of these shafts pretty much blows the competition right out of the water.



Custom Golf Clubs

Posted by admin on August 1, 2009 in 300yards

If you’re looking for Custom Golf Clubs, then look no further. We here at will work day and night trying to perfect the club for you. We’ll use your swing speed, your trajectory, how much roll you get on your drives, what is your problematic tendency of the tee, and use your current shaft and driver settings to custom fit you today. We even have an online form to make it easier.



Alpha Golf

Posted by admin on August 1, 2009 in Alpha Golf

Alpha Golf has some of the best drivers available. But they also have putters, irons, fairway woods, wedges, and the increasingly popular hybrids. These hybrid clubs are so popular because they can basically replace all of your low irons and even some of your high fairway woods if need be. Normally that wouldn’t make a big difference, but hybrids are simply easier to hit than say a 3 iron.

And Alpha Golf has 3 such hybrids. The Alpha V5 Hybrid 140cc, the Alpha RX Low Pro Hybrid 120cc, and the Alpha Response Hybrid 120cc.


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